Lauren Conrad’s Spring 2012 for Kohl’s

Lauren Conrad’s Spring 2012 for Kohl’s

Reality-TV star Lauren Conrad’s LC Spring 2012 collection for Kohl’s looks breezy and fun.  I really like the pastel style colors and clean lines.  I also like how all the pieces in the collection go together.  This is a well thought out collection.

Kohl’s?  Yes, I admit I shop at Kohl’s.  If you are on a budget and you don’t want to go to Ross, Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack and drive 50 miles to the outlet stores – might I suggest Kohl’s?  You can find some great items for Spring & Summer.

Read more on the LC Spring 2012 for Kohl’s from:

Lauren Conrad’s Spring 2012 for Kohl’s


  1. I just tried on some of LC’s jeans when I stopped by my local Kohl’s. Loved them, but I was too short!…she needs to realize that not every girl is 5’7! Still a huge fan.

    • This is a problem. I can’t compare boutiques to Kohl’s, but one time I was with friends in Japan and my friend bought pants at Uniqlo – they had a tailor on hand to trim the pants and it’s for FREE. That really made her day because we had to fly out of Tokyo in a couple of hours. I know that stores like Macy’s have a tailor to help trim stuff but it cost like $20 bucks or so.

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