Music: Songs from District 12 and Beyond

I just watched the Hunger Games movie today and I have to say it was spectacular. Gary Ross did a phenomenal job directing this story of  strong emotion to a movie of actors and actresses with equally strong emotion. You see deeper meanings in tiny glimpses of the characters’ minds that go beyond senseless violence and action like in many other movies. It was a very well done film. A very fast paced, heart pounding film that was faithful to Suzanne Collin’s work.

What also makes a movie is the soundtrack. We were so excited and bought the CD in the deluxe edition at Target for $11.99. All we can say about the soundtrack was that it was not quite worth $12 and there was nothing too deluxe about it. The whole soundtrack was very morose and somber, with themes of darkness, perseverance, and hope which are all part of the theme of the “Hunger Games”. The songs are great to listen to if it accompanies the movies, but not so riveting when listening to it on its own.

The deluxe edition came with trading cards that all I can say  are … lame. The trading cards are a thin piece of cardboard that really is a piece of a puzzle that you assemble to get the promotional picture of Katniss. They’re not even really trading cards. The poster, included in the package, was also underwhelming. The poster was basically the picture of the CD case. This package was nothing special.

Check out:  Republic Records – Hunger Games.

— Contributed by Karen Jang


  1. Okay, I’m going to nit-pick on 5 issues, but let me just say that Hunger Games is one of the best novel adaptations to film. When I read the book last year I imagined this is how the some of the scenes would look like which director Gary Ross did a great job.
    1) – I know the hand-held camera effect is en vogue and the kids like this indie MTV crap, but I would have liked more steady shots and see the action.
    2) – I wished they showed more of District 12 and the Hob more & Greasy Sae’s cooking. Which leads to number 3-
    3) – The book talks about food in the Capital and District 12 – I wished they showed more the characters eating and talking about the food.
    4) – I would have also loved if they showed Cinna’s makeup team more and Avoxes’.
    5) – I also wished they showed more of the other Districts like at the end of the book one.

    And yes I know if they showed all this it might have been a 4 hour movie – but the Lord of the Rings was really really long … maybe the DVD/BluRay will have an extended cut. And yes, I will see the movie again … it’s so good.


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