Our very own Tomb Raider @ Big Wow! Comicfest 2014

Retrenders - Rose May - Lara Croft - Tomb RaiderIn revamping the successful Tomb Raider franchise – we got a re-boot! Just when we thought Lara Croft would move forward from her ninth adventure to another artifact finding mystery, we get to find out about her – the origins of Lara Croft. We’ve all read her back story, but where was the episodic adventures that led to the skilled, acrobatic, and duel pistol-drawing heroine – Tomb Raider?

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Geekcore Jewelry by RockerDollJewellery

If you’re looking to rock nerdy-style jewelry with your outfits, head to RockerDollJewellery.  Hailing from England, Stephanie Allen designs handmade jewelry.

This necklace is a Hunger Games fan must-have.

Mockingjay Pin Pendant Necklace

MSRP:  $19.72USD

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Music: Songs from District 12 and Beyond

I just watched the Hunger Games movie today and I have to say it was spectacular. Gary Ross did a phenomenal job directing this story of  strong emotion to a movie of actors and actresses with equally strong emotion. You see deeper meanings in tiny glimpses of the characters’ minds that go beyond senseless violence and action like in many other movies. It was a very well done film. A very fast paced, heart pounding film that was faithful to Suzanne Collin’s work.

What also makes a movie is the soundtrack. We were so excited and bought the CD in the deluxe edition at Target for $11.99. All we can say about the soundtrack was that it was not quite worth $12 and there was nothing too deluxe about it. The whole soundtrack was very morose and somber, with themes of darkness, perseverance, and hope which are all part of the theme of the “Hunger Games”. The songs are great to listen to if it accompanies the movies, but not so riveting when listening to it on its own.

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Lego Tribute to the “Hunger Games”

The Reaping from District 12 Lego-style.

It’s Hunger Games Mania this week!  Here’s a cool custom Lego build of a scene from the “Hunger Games.”  Check out Brian (Atin)’s Flickr site for more info, photos and how he built the District 12 set:  Grim Reapings.

Food from the “Hunger Games”

My cousin told me to read this trilogy last year by Suzanne Collins – “The Hunger Games.”  I can see why the young adults love this book – it has bits of:  sci-fi, action, anime, “Battle Royale”, a kdrama love triangle – so it’s a page turner.

Our heroine is Katniss Everdeen from District 12.  She not only has a world to save from nuclear destruction and a rebellion to lead, she also loves food.  She loves eating!  Actually when reading the first book, I actually want to go to the Hob in District 12 and get some gaming food dishes.  I can envision Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern along for ride and eating Greasy Sae’s yummy oily dishes.

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