The Hottest Drawing Game on the Planet Right Now

Main Menu for Draw Something

Draw Something is my current distraction on the iPhone. If you haven’t heard about OMGPop’s Draw Something yet, you’ve been living under a rock!

It’s best described as a cross between Pictionary and Scrabble. The gameplay is pretty simple. At the start of the game, you choose one of three words to draw, draw the image, and then sends the image to your friend. Your buddy then guesses the word from the image and sends an image to back to guess. Moves are done in a play-by-mail method. Since this is a casual pace, there’s no urgency for the players. Whenever time permits, a move can be made.

Coins is the currency in this game. You accumulate coins naturally by correctly guessing your partner’s words. The other way to get more coins is to use the in-app purchases. During the drawing portion of the game, you start off with four colors to draw. Coins can be used to unlock additional colors. During the guessing portion of the game, bombs may be used to eliminate unused letters to help with the word guess. Here, coins are used to unlock more bombs.

My “Dribble” drawing

Playing with friends is easy! Draw Something offers multiple ways for people to connect like Draw Something usernames, email, and Facebook. Don’t have friends? Just connect to random people! Easy.

My favorite part of the game is when I have to guess my buddy’s word. I’ll see the drawing happen in real time and then crack up watching my friend draw an ugly image, only to trash it and redo the image even uglier!

Try to guess what this is…

I’m playing this on the iOS platform and enjoy playing it with my iOS and Android buddies.

iPhone links – Free version and the Full version.

Android links – Free version and the Full version.


By Contributing Blogger:  gmixalot.

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