The Goat Simulator Game

goatsimulatorgameThere have been many video games where you can play as tiger, shark, cat, even a turtle, and now a goat.  The Goat Simulator game has been available for a couple of month’s now, but now it’s a FREE download.  The Goat Simulator is IGN’s Free Game of Month.  You play a goat and get points by tearing-up a rural town.  The Goat Simulator is available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

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$900 R/C Batman Tumbler

soapstudiosbatmantumblerrccoverIf you’re a huge The Dark Knight Trilogy fan and have around $900 bucks lying around, you can buy this 1/12 scale The Dark Knight Trilogy RC Tumbler Deluxe Pack.

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The Typewriter is BACK by Qwertytoys

qwertykeyboardcoverI remember my dad telling me word processing was different in his time, like they had these ancient machines called “typewriters.”  What no cut and paste?  No spell check or auto-grammar correct?  How could you live with yourself?  Turning term papers and thesis must have been nuts!  But now if you want that “old-school” feeling Qwerkytoys has got it!  Introducing the Qwertywriter – the typewriter-inspired product.

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Hip iPad Pencil Stylus by FiftyThree

Pencil Paper iPadIf you want that old school feeling of writing down notes and ideas on paper with a writing instrument, then here’s FiftyThree’s Pencil and Paper iPad app.  This stylish digital stylus is built for the Apple’s iPad and their Paper iPad app.

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Bike Baron is my new Addiction

bike baronOkay, I admit that I was hooked on Candy Crush Saga these past couple of months and became vain trying to get top scores!   I’ll stop now and delete it from my iPhone.  Now a new game I’m looking at is Bike Baron.

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Digital Clapperboard: MovieSlate


Whoever work on a short or film project knows having a slateboard can be expensive and a hassle.  As a P.A., I hated always looking for a Eraseable Magic Marker or chalk depending on the slateboard being use.  Well, now – you can just download MovieSlate an app from the Apple Appstore by PureBlend Software and magically have a digital slateboard for your iPad, iPhone or iTouch.  The latest version of MovieSlate was just updated a few weeks ago.

MSRP:  $24.99USD

Buy it @ Apple – MovieSlate.

For more product information, go to:  PureBlend Software – MovieSlate.


AViiQ: Portable Charging Station


This is definitely going on my Xmas wish list later this year – It’s another awesome product by Aviiq, a company known for making modern, sleek, and practical mobile accessories. This is the Portable Charging Station with Battery Pack in its Leather Series. It includes an integrated 5200mAh Lithium Ion battery, a dapper leather carrying case, and a cable rack system for wire management. No more traveling with that zip lock bag full of cables and plugs – I can finally travel with all my gadgets in style.

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Bringing Soul to Your eBooks

I love everything about a good book – the weight in my hand, the beautiful cover, and of course, the great enjoyment the story has brought me. With e-readers, we lose the weight, but we also lose the “soul” of the book. With this imaginative idea by, one gets to still enjoy their favorite book and cling on to at least some of that “soul” by fitting their eBook with a jacket adorned with original book cover art. Made by the oldest bookbinder in the U.S., the cases also look and feel like an actual book. Check out some of my current favorites – The Great Gatsby and A Clockwork Orange jackets.

For more info, go to:  KickStarter – Out of Print eBook Jackets.

Square Up – Free card reader

Need help running a small “mom and pops” shop by accepting credit card charges at your finger tips, or just simply to make things easier to sell some of your personal art on the spot…  actually, selling anything on the spot!

Well Square Up  just made it easier through their temporary promotion of offering a free card reader to accept credit cards with your iPhone, Driod or iPad.  Visit their website :  Don’t forget to read the details and the fine print.

The Hottest Drawing Game on the Planet Right Now

Main Menu for Draw Something

Draw Something is my current distraction on the iPhone. If you haven’t heard about OMGPop’s Draw Something yet, you’ve been living under a rock!

It’s best described as a cross between Pictionary and Scrabble. The gameplay is pretty simple. At the start of the game, you choose one of three words to draw, draw the image, and then sends the image to your friend. Your buddy then guesses the word from the image and sends an image to back to guess. Moves are done in a play-by-mail method. Since this is a casual pace, there’s no urgency for the players. Whenever time permits, a move can be made.

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