A SuperFan Builds Kaneda’s Bike for Charity

I want to be in Kaneda’s biker gang!

Akira is one of the most iconic anime films and has inspired many cosplayers and fans building Shotaro Kaneda’s motorcycle.  But this new bike has Akira’s creator Katshuhiro Otomo’s blessings.  From his hometown of Fukuoka, Japan – Mr. Tejima built Kaneda’s famous futuristic super bike.

Quick stats:  The bike took Mr. Tejima 7 years to build and cost him around $121,000USD.

The bike will be on display in Tokyo.  The GENGA Exhibition will celebrate Otomo’s creation Akira and will run from April 9th – May 30th.  The bike is also raising money and support for children with autism and the exhibition will donate to the Japanese Tohoku earthquake and tsunami relief from last year.

For more info and pics on this wicked build:  Kotaku – Hands on with the Akira motorcycle.

Please check out the Flickr site for more detailed pics:  Teshima @ GENGA Exhibition.

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