SAMCRO “Nerd Version”

The FOX F/X hit series Sons of Anarchy is about this rough and tumble gangsta bikers gets a nerdy tribute by artist Raid71.  You can get this sweet 18×24 print from Bottleneck Gallery.


From left to right:  Ghost Rider, TRON, Akira, Batman and Terminator.

MSRP:  $25.00USD

Buy it here @ Bottleneck Gallery – Raid71 – Sons of Anarchy.

A SuperFan Builds Kaneda’s Bike for Charity

I want to be in Kaneda’s biker gang!

Akira is one of the most iconic anime films and has inspired many cosplayers and fans building Shotaro Kaneda’s motorcycle.  But this new bike has Akira’s creator Katshuhiro Otomo’s blessings.  From his hometown of Fukuoka, Japan – Mr. Tejima built Kaneda’s famous futuristic super bike.

Quick stats:  The bike took Mr. Tejima 7 years to build and cost him around $121,000USD.

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