Gundam Inspired Streetwear is Coming!

This ain’t for cosplayers but for the street & urban wear cool people.

Bandai recently announced it’s opening Strict G stores around Japan which sells men’s apparel inspired by the Gundam world.  Basically Bandai is getting into the wacky and tough streetwear business.  At least they will be getting it right by first doing some collabs with top urban wear companies like Alpha and Swans.

The first Strict G store that will open will coincide with Bandai’s opening of a mini-theme park for the Gundam universe called “Gundam Front Tokyo” in Tokyo.  The park opens this month!!!  OMG.  The general public can get ready April 19, 2012.

For more info on Strict G – check out GundamGuy blogspot:  Gundam Strict G.


  1. Wish I was in Japan to check out this shop.

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