Coffee Table Nintendo Joystick

Do you still have an old NES collecting dust in your closet?  Sure you can take it out of the closet anytime and brush the dust off and play those classic Nintendo games.  How about a Coffee Table-sized one?  It’s a real working joystick that’s a coffee table and controller.

Quick facts:  It’s made from wood,  has a removable glass cover, and a retractable cord.  It measures 42” long, 18.25” wide, and 18” high.  And more importantly it costs: $3,500.00USD.

How can you play Double Dragon 2-player on this???

For more info:  Etsy – Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.

All I have to say is – really?  I don’t know about this.  This might be a must for hardcore Nintendo fans, but really a joystick coffee table?

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