Gundam Virtual Reality Battle


What is it like to watch a battle between a giant Gundam Mobile Suit and Zaku?  Well, Bandai Namco in Japan will take you there VR-style with there experimental VR Zone Project iCan in Odaiba.  The Gundam VR attraction is located in the Divercity Tokyo Plaza shopping mall right next to the giant Gundam statue.

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In Japan: Sailor Moon Cafe

sailormooncafeIf you’re one of those Sailor Moon obsessed fans, then you may want to make a pilgrimage to this Sailor Moon Crystal themed cafe in Shinjuku, Japan.  Sailor Moon has teamed up with Namco’s Anion Station to create the restaurant for a limited time, well until May 6th, 2015.  The food and drink items are also Sailor Moon universe inspired.

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Gundam Inspired Streetwear is Coming!

This ain’t for cosplayers but for the street & urban wear cool people.

Bandai recently announced it’s opening Strict G stores around Japan which sells men’s apparel inspired by the Gundam world.  Basically Bandai is getting into the wacky and tough streetwear business.  At least they will be getting it right by first doing some collabs with top urban wear companies like Alpha and Swans.

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