A Face Only a Soldier Could Love!

Have you ever wanted to see what your favorite actor (or ANY other average Joe) would look like as a Russian general??  Well, here you go!

imageUK artist Steve Payne uses Photoshop to swap the faces of friends, family members, celebrities, and even regular folks like you and me with, those of over three hundred 19th-century Russian generals, who were originally painted by English artist George Dawe in the wake of the Napoleonic War.



Payne’s work takes the original, digital images (a Photoshop work of art) and prints them onto a large canvas.  The detail is extraordinarily good and provides for a beautiful medium in which to frame and display in any home, office, or den.

Detailed, quality imagery!

imageThe prints are available for purchase in either “famous” form (with actors/celebrities) or “infamous” form (YOUR mug!!) and are priced at £242.49 (or $378.09).


View Payne’s gallery at Replaceface Tumblr

Purchase a portrait from Replaceface Photobox

Contributed by Al Morales (aka greyluvr)
Host, Retrenders Spotlight

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