Venice in Frozen

Venicefrozen 00What would the city of Venice and it’s waterways look like in a harsh winter?  With some photo retouching and super imposing this is what Venice would look like.

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Perelman Pencils: Nerdy Design Tribute


Artist Jules Julian teamed up with designers Alan Temiraev & Volodenka Zotov to create an awesome looking pencil set box.  The 8 graphite pencils come together as a portrait of Russian Mathematician Grigori Perelman.  The package box looks amazing too.

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Life-Sized Army Men


Art can communicate thought provoking conservations and human emotions, like this art piece “This Is Not A Game” by artist Lorenzo Quinn.  This sculpture features life-sized green army men and giant hands.  The piece using a real Russian T55 tank  was installed back in 2011 at San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy.

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Banana Republic x Anna Karenina = Capsule Collection

Want to dress and look like stars from the film Anna Karenina?  Banana Republic recently launched it’s Anna Karenina capsule collection which features 75 items like hats, dresses, high heels, and jewelry.  The Anna Karenina-inspired collection was created by the costume designer of the film Jacqueline Durran.

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Yuri Boyka!

yuriboykaYuri Boyka is the complete Russian fighter.  Move over Jason Statham – it’s Yuri Boyka time!

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A Face Only a Soldier Could Love!

Have you ever wanted to see what your favorite actor (or ANY other average Joe) would look like as a Russian general??  Well, here you go!

imageUK artist Steve Payne uses Photoshop to swap the faces of friends, family members, celebrities, and even regular folks like you and me with, those of over three hundred 19th-century Russian generals, who were originally painted by English artist George Dawe in the wake of the Napoleonic War.

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