Is That a Plane in Your Pocket?

Pocket Planes Title Screen

Pocket Planes Title Screen

Nimblebit, the team that brought you Tiny Tower, is back with a new game called Pocket Planes. Instead of managing a tower, you’re in charge of managing an airline.

If I had to classify this game, I would place it in the time management style of games. It starts you off with a plane and a couple of airports and your job is to move passengers and cargo from one airport to another while maximizing profit. As you make money, you expand your airline with more planes and airports.

Fortaleza Airport

Fortaleza Airport

Currency in this game is handled with coins and bux. Coins are primarily used to  buy airplane slots and open airports. It’s also used to upgrade planes and airports. Bux are used to reduce flight time and to buy planes or plane parts.

There are special events in the game where flight crews compete to move special cargo to a specific location. Flight crews are basically teams who have the same tag. The top crews receive prizes like planes, plane parts, or Bux. Complete 5 jobs for a placing crew and you get the prize!

And that’s the gist. Make money by moving people and cargo. Buy more planes and airports and repeat until you dominate the world! Maybe someone can setup a RETRENDERS flight crew! Currently free for iOS. Just beware, it sucked my time away and I’m fine with that.

In The Air!

In The Air!



By Contributing Blogger:  gmixalot.

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