Spotlight #7: Comedy Bodega

Retrenders Spotlight stopped by Esta Noche nightclub in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District for Comedy Bodega, a weekly comedy fest that brings local and national talent to the intimate stage.


For the last seven seasons, on every Thursday at 8pm, Esta Noche has opened its doors to Bay Area comedy seekers…completely FREE OF CHARGE.


Retrenders pinned down host and producer, Marga Gomez, to discuss what makes Comedy Bodega an attractive platform for many Bay Area comics.

Esta Noche is at 3079 16th in SF, between Mission and Valencia and conveniently located near the 16th Street BART station.

October 4, 2012 – 8pm
Marga Gomez, Eloisa Bravo, Morgan, Nick Leonard, Tiramuri Jothi and a VERY VERY SPECIAL MYSTERY GUEST.

October 11, 2012 – 8pm
The San Francisco Comedy Burrito Festival at Comedy Bodega.

For more info, see SF Comedy and Burrito Fest and Comedy Bodega

Contributed by Al Morales (aka greyluvr)
Host, Retrenders Spotlight

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