Bargain Hunting: Hoodie Galore

It’s that time of the year again.  If you are sick of stressing over buying this or that for somebody and figuring your gift budget – it can get overwhelming.   As for me I like some TLC for myself and if I’m on a budget instead of going to the outlets, I do like hitting up Ross and Marshalls.  Name brand clothes that’s fashionable and stylish for a cheap price.  You do have to spend some time searching around the racks and another very important tip, check zippers and buttons.  Here’s my Ross haul this past week.

DC Zipper Hoodie – Greyish with Red Trim

Monument Zipper Hoodie – Orange

ENYCE Zipper Hoodie

FILA Sports Pullover Hoodie – Red Trim

I found some great looking hoodies for around $9.00USD to $20.00USD.  Happy hunting!

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