Egg Carton WWII Fighter Plane


Image via Mirror UK News

Why not build a life-size World War II fighter plane out of egg cartons?  That’s what architect Jack Munro and sculptor Charlotte Austen did.  They took 6 long hard weeks using 65,000 egg cartons building the iconic British fighter plane – the Spitfire.

The stats:   36 ft in size, 6,500 egg cartons, 10,000 stapes, 5,000 nails, and 450 Pritt Sticks.

The life-size 36ft model took architect Jack Munro, 26 and sculptor Charlotte Austen, 27, six weeks to build using 6,500 egg boxes, 10,000 staples, 5,000 nails and 450 Pritt Sticks.

For more on this, check out the video on Yahoo! Broken News Daily – Egg Carton Fighter Plane.

For more details on the build, go to:  Mirror UK – Egg Carton Fighter Plane


An architect and a sculptor in Great Britain have just completed a life-size model of the iconic World War II era Spitfire fighter plane out of egg cartons. The model is thirty-six feet long, and required 6500 egg cartons.The model Spitfire was built for March Fourth, an event for the Help For Heroes armed forces charity. The model is currently on display at the Imperial War Museum Duxford in Cambridgeshire.


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