The Final Programme (The Cornelius Quartet 1) by Michael Moorcock

michaelmoorcockIf director Guy Ritchie’s 1960’s themed “The Man from UNCLE” film didn’t float your boat, why not tried this underground British sci-fi novel first published in the 1960s – The Final Programme by author Michael Moorcock.  Titan Books is reprinting the adventures of rock star scientist Jerry Cornelius.

First, if you’re a little unfamiliar with Michael Moorcock’s writing style, the meanings and so on, writer John Clute intros the character Jerry Cornelius and his thoughts on British sci-fi writer Michael Moorcock’s 4 book collection.  Jerry Cornelius’s brother Frank and the sexy evil Miss Brunner have concocted a plan to build the world’s ultimate super computer.  Jerry Cornelius is the key to all this and his unique family background keeps things interesting.

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Star Wars Themed Footwear from Irregular Choice

starwarsthemebootsBritish footwear company Irregular Choice collabs with Star Wars movie franchise for some fun footwear style.  You can rock Darth Vader platforms and Yoda high heels.  Prices range from $170.00USD and up to $418.00USD.

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Thakoon for DesigNation 2015

designationkohltakoonI have to admit, I have never shopped at Kohl’s or stepped into one of their retail stores before, but American designer Thakoon Panichgul will have a limited-edition clothing line for Kohl’s DesigNation 2015.  The women’s wear collection theme is all things London-inspired with a feminine-tomboy look.

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Frankie’s Garage: The GT12 Road Monster

astonmartingt12One of my fave auto journalists in the game is Chris Harris and in this episode he takes a look at a road and track monster, the Aston Martin Vantage GT12.  The GT12 features aggressive aero parts, splitters, a big wing, bigger tires, some weight trimming and is limited to 100 cars.

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Glastonbury Music Festival LEGO-style

legolandglastonburyfestivalOne of the biggest live music events on this planet is the Glastonbury Music Festival in Britain.  Now Legoland Windsor Resort taps it’s LEGO model makers to build a big diorama of the Glastonbury music festival.  Over 2 months of work and over 15,000 LEGO bricks were used.  The Glastonbury LEGO scene will be on display until this November 2015.

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The Art of FILFURY

filfurycover00British artist and known sneaker addict FILFURY has done various high profile collabs with the likes of Nike, Adidas and Reebok.  FILFURY has what you call his very own unique style to his art pieces.  Here’s a look at a few.

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Frankie’s Garage: The Ultimate Vantage GT3

astonmartingt3I love the sound of this 6.0L V12 engine.  This is the super limited edition Aston Martin Vantage GT3.  Xcar Films as well as Autocar takes an inside look at the track/street car.

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Charley’s War: A Boy Soldier in the Great War

charleyswaraboysoldierWar is neither romantic or fun.  Some of the greatest anti-war movies are films about war like Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and Born on the Fourth of July, and in the comic medium, two British comic legends, author Pat Mills (Marshal Law) and artist Joe Colquhoun (Johnny Red) detailed the heroic and horrific realities of World War I in Charley’s War, a comic strip that started its run on September 1979 and up to January of 1985.  This newly released collection by Titan Books, Charley’s War: A Boy Soldier in the Great War collects the first 4 volumes of the strip.

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Psycho Gran #1 by David Leach

pg00On the other side of the pond is this old lady superhero, well sort of, she is known as Psycho Gran.  Who is Psycho Gran?  Well, she was created by cartoonist David Leach and Psycho Gran first appeared in British children’s comic Oink! in 1986.  The cult-hit granny is back in digital form with all new adventures in Psycho Gran #1.

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It Came! by Dan Boultwood

it came 00How about some good old-fashion comic book storytelling with a mix of sci-fi, comedy and fun?  Check out Dan Boultwood’s It Came!  Titan Comics collects the 4 issues of It Came! into one tidy hardbound trade.

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Garth Ennis Presents – Battle Classics

battleclasscisOn this side of the pond, we get lots of War World II stories from the press and Hollywood, but not much from the British POV.  Comic book writer Garth Ennis (Preacher, Hitman) with Titan Books gathers an incredible collection of World War II comic book stories from the British perspective.  “Battle” was published weekly from 1975 to 1988 and left a mark in British comic book history and gave comic book talents like John Wagner, Mike Western, Cam Kennedy, John Cooper, Alan Hebden and David Hunt freedom to tell honest life and death tales from World War II.


“… I believe HMS Nightshade to be its writer’s most important work:  it is about something that counts.  It is not about fantasy of future lawmen, interplanetary bounty-hunters, or assassins in a game of murder.”  Garth Ennis, Garth Ennis Presents Battle Classics


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Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Newspaper Comic Strips Collection

wallace and gromitOver the years, the British have crossed the Atlantic with iconic entertainment, like The Beatles, One Direction (LoL), Monty Python, Are You Being Served?, Mr. Bean, just to name a few, now in the animation realm, it has to be Nick Park and his animated creation Wallace & Gromit.  Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Newspaper Comic Strips Collection collects the comic strips published in the UK daily newspaper The Sun, from 2010-2011.

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Very Naughty Boys by Robert Sellers

very naughty boysThe 1980s decade of films were dominated by Hollywood blockbusters and sequels, but also during this time, from across the pond in Britain, a couple of films would make it’s way over, like the “Life of Brian”, “Time Bandits”, “Mona Lisa” and “The Missionary.”  All these films was brought to film-goers by an unlikely friendship between a famous musician and Wall Street-type accountant/lawyer forming an independent film company.  During the ten-year run, HandMade Films produced 23 films and made it’s own mark in British film history.

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Egg Carton WWII Fighter Plane


Image via Mirror UK News

Why not build a life-size World War II fighter plane out of egg cartons?  That’s what architect Jack Munro and sculptor Charlotte Austen did.  They took 6 long hard weeks using 65,000 egg cartons building the iconic British fighter plane – the Spitfire.

The stats:   36 ft in size, 6,500 egg cartons, 10,000 stapes, 5,000 nails, and 450 Pritt Sticks.

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Concept Art & Sketches: Olly Moss


Pop artist Olly Moss posted a bunch of concept art, sketches, rough drafts and doodles on projects that never really went anywhere for 2012 on his blog site.  But, hey, it’s Olly Moss art and I think the art posters and sketches look cool.

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Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss

You’ve probably seen his artwork floating around the World Wide Web, email links from friends saying take a look at these cool movie posters, or seen his box art for the PS3 video game Resistance 3.  If you don’t know who Olly Moss is, well you should take notice now with his first collected art book by publisher Titan Books – Silhouettes from Popular Culture.

This book collects Victorian art of silhouette portraits with Olly’s own style, with a sense of fun and wit.  Flipping through the pages, you will be amazed at the various silhouette portraits of pop culture characters from comics, films, TV, cartoons, anime, and videogames.  Olly started this small project as a way to put up nerdy art that his girlfriend would like in the house and since ballooned to around 300 “paper cut” silhouette pieces.  With only 144 pages in this book, Olly picked his favorite silhouettes to be in this collection.  When you look at the various silhouette art pieces you might be wondering to yourself, how the heck did he get so precise with just scissors?  Well, he admits to using industrial laser cutters.

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Corgi James Bond 007 Miniature Vehicles Set

Corgi is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise with this 1/55 scale diecast collection, featuring 8 iconic vehicles – the Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger), the Aston Martin DBS (Casino Royale), the BMW Z3 (GoldenEye), the Jaguar XKR (Die Another Day), the Lotus Esprit Underwater (The Spy Who Loved Me), the Rolls Royce III Sedance de Ville (Goldfinger), the Little Nellie (You Only Live Twice), and the Space Shuttle (Moonraker).  The limited edition set comes packaged in a replica film tin can.

MSRP:  $60.00USD

For more info, go to:  MoMA Store – Corgi James Bond 007 Miniature Vehicles Set.

Geekcore Jewelry by RockerDollJewellery

If you’re looking to rock nerdy-style jewelry with your outfits, head to RockerDollJewellery.  Hailing from England, Stephanie Allen designs handmade jewelry.

This necklace is a Hunger Games fan must-have.

Mockingjay Pin Pendant Necklace

MSRP:  $19.72USD

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Aston Martin Bicycle

For those who are looking for a simple bike to stroll on a lazy afternoon, look elsewhere, because this thing is the Aston Martin of bikes.  Oh wait, it IS an Aston Martin bike.   The bike has a leather handlebar and all wiring on the bike are hidden.

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A Little Shoulder Candy Never Hurts!

I’ve lived in the City long enough to realize that a bag…a handbag, shoulder bag, messenger bag, man purse, satchel, or “European Carry All“…is a necessary accessory for the laptop/book/iPad/file-carrying urbanite.

So, unless you valet your vehicle or ride anything that has less than four tires, then parking in San Francisco is nothing short of frustrating, few, and FAR!  Why not carry your valuable necessities in a stylish and durable bag?

Shoulder Bag in Navy

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