Blazing Glory in the Odyssey Vol. 1: History Lesson

blazinggloryWhat if my favorite action directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez had their take on creating Captain America?  This hot and spicy jambalaya soup has everything; the supernatural elements, the PG-13 superhero moments, the real-world geopolitical issues, add some zombies (and Dracula to the mix) and of course some bloody violent action into the mix and you get Dave Elliot’s Blazing Glory in Odyssey Vol. 1:  History Lesson.

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Time Travel to Battle Dinosaurs & Kill Nazis

chronos commandosDo you want heavy action, time travel elements, sci-fi mumble jumble, big dinosaurs and Nazis?  Then creator/writer/artist Stuart Jennett takes us on an old school journey with Chronos Commandos.  Titan Comics collects the first 5 issues of the Dawn Patrol story arc.

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The Absence by Martin Stiff

absenceMy geeky comic book advisers have been telling to read this indie sci-fi mystery comic book series The Absence.  The Absence has been making the rounds in the UK and getting top-notch reviews, so when Titan Comics asked me if I wanted to check out The Absence by Martin Stiff, I just had to get in a review copy and see all what the fuss is about.  Martin Stiff is both the author and artist of the The Absence and self-published the comic book from 2008 to 2013.  The 6 issues are now collected in this hardbound trade by Titan Comics.

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Sirens: The Pin-Up Art of David Wright

sirensdavidwrightWhat comes to mind, when you think pin-up art from of the 1940s-1960s?  Maybe model Bettie Page might pop in your head or paintings like the “Vargas Girls” by artist Alberto Vargas.  How about David Wright?  And NO, he’s not the Third Baseman from New York Mets baseball team!  In the 20th Century, British artist Dave Wright was also right-up there with his American peers like Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren.  World War II sparked the pin-up girl craze as David Wright created his “Lovelies.”  Dave Wright’s pin-up girls was all over Britain, “a standard fixture on the walls of barrack rooms, officers’ messes, pubs and clubs” (Terry Parker, Sirens: The Pin-Up Art of David Wright).

Wright 03

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Egg Carton WWII Fighter Plane


Image via Mirror UK News

Why not build a life-size World War II fighter plane out of egg cartons?  That’s what architect Jack Munro and sculptor Charlotte Austen did.  They took 6 long hard weeks using 65,000 egg cartons building the iconic British fighter plane – the Spitfire.

The stats:   36 ft in size, 6,500 egg cartons, 10,000 stapes, 5,000 nails, and 450 Pritt Sticks.

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Nick Cardy: The Artist at War


Nick Cardy is best known for his comic book art during the “Silver Age of Comics,” where he drew DC Comics’ Aquaman and the Teen Titans. Cardy, who’s now in his 90’s, is releasing a collection today of World War II art titled Nick Cardy: The Artist At War showcasing his work in the Army from basic training to Europe’s final days in the war.

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