DIY Cardboard Pinball Machine

pinbox3000You can now make your own custom pinball machine out of a cardboard kit from the Cardboard Teck Instantute.  The PinBox 3000 let’s you cut-up, design and build a mini-pinball machine.  The kit takes about 45-90 minutes to assemble.

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Viral Video Friday: Cardboard Built Places for a Cool Music Video

janeluicoverEvery once in-awhile, you watch a music video and say to yourself, “Wow, that is really cool.”  This “Southern Winds (Revisited)” music video taken from artist Jane Lui’s album Goodnight Company took a year to make.  It her a long time to build the cardboard world of sets and places.

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Vinyl Pulp #2: Art on Guard Exhibit

wootbearlifeguardartshowOn this episode of Vinyl Pulp we visit Woot Bear SF where they join forces with Boundless Brooklyn and Outre for the Art on Guard: Lifeguard Tower Art Show.  This show featured over 40 different artists and their custom lifeguard towers.  Vinyl Pulp also interviews the man behind Outre apparel brand.

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Art on Guard: Lifeguard Tower Model Kit Art Show

AoG002NYC-based Boundless Brooklyn known for it’s cardboard DIY lifeguard towers, water towers and billboard sign kits has teamed up with SoCal apparel brand Outre for the Art on Guard exhibit.  The event held at toy art shop/gallery Woot Bear in SF had over 40-plus artists customizing their own Lifeguard Towers.

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Fold & Glue: Square Headz


Build your very own paperboard designer toy figure with Square Headz.  Square Headz made its debut at the Big Wow! ComicFest 2014 showing off their simple and fun product.  Just a warning – there is assembly required and you need a stick of glue.

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Paper 3D Art Pieces by The Paper Pony Place

papercraft banner 00Are you looking for some neat geeky art for your boring work cubicle or apartment bedroom?  Look no further, check out The Paper Pony Place.

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Portable Crapper for the Great Outdoors

shit box 01

This city boy is off to the wilderness this weekend.  I got drag into camping outdoors, but I would rather stay at a resort hotel.  And as you get older, you worry about your where to take a leak or dump.  Well, you can take this Shit Box anywhere.

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Create your own Foldable Gift!


Just found the perfect gift to give to my friends and family this year. Forget the jewelry for my wife, the Xbox games for my son, the rum cake for my friends, I’m giving them something that is special, unique, and memorable – a foldable me. Anyone can go onto and download a pic of themselves and *Boom*, in two weeks you can give a little mini cardboard copy of yourself and have this next to them all the time. Personally, it’s be nice if these figures came in different costumes like having one in an army fatigue outfit, or as Batman, Predator, or maybe even Luke Skywalker.

For more info, go to:  Foldable.Me.

9 Year-Old Builds Cardboard Arcade Shop!

If you are ever in East LA and you have a craving for playing classic arcade games – you might want to head over to Caine’s Arcade.  This 9 year old – Caine Monroy – built a bunch of arcade games from cardboard at his dad’s shop.  At first no customers would show up, but through social media the word got out and now little Caine is running a business.

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Super Cool Mom Award: Home Built F1 Model for Her Son

Photo by Kugenuma Ohana via Twitter

This 4 year old boy sure is happy!!  Thumbs up Mom!!

From Japan comes a super cute story and a labor of love project – a mom decided on building her son a cool cardboard Formula 1 replica.  As you can possibly tell, mom is a big fan of F1 racing and a fan of Sebastian Vettels’ Red Bull F1 RB8.  She studied pictures and videos and added little details like wings and even the correct stickers and logos.  Amazing.  The cardboard replica even folds up!

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