The Guild – The Official Companion

the guildThe year 2006 seems like ages ago, before social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and video streaming were popular, and the giant video site YouTube was only starting out, and Felicia Day had an idea of bringing her MMORPG experiences onto video as a TV series.  The World of Warcraft gamer created an internet sensation as the series spawned 6 seasons worth of episodes and over 250 million plus views.

the guild 00

If you’ve been hiding under rock all these years and don’t know what a web TV series is, well, all you have to do is watch The Guild on YouTube.  The Guild follows a band of gamers playing the fantasy MMORPG “The Game” as The Knights of Good.  The fun ensues as the characters meet offline and in the “real world.”

the guild 01

Titan Books has published The Guild – The Official Companion book to commemorate the hit web series.  The book is not just the typical fan book with photos, artwork and the usual interviews with cast and crew, but also highlights the how and why Felicia created The Guild.  She goes through progression of getting her ideas onto a script, finding ways to produce it and then getting distributed.  The companion guide also focuses each of 6 seasons from the cast of The Knights of Good perspective and their reflections.  And the cast talks about meeting the fans and how they help the web series grow into something very special.

the guild 02

I enjoyed reading the insights and thoughts from the Felicia and cast in each of the 6 seasons and the behind-the-scenes of making the costumes and weapons.   Fans of The Guild and Felicia Day should definitely pick this book up.


Paperback:  The Guild – The Official Companion

Author:  Felicia Day

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $19.95USD

Available:  Now

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