Turbulence by Samit Basu

turbulenceWhat if you found yourself with amazing superhuman powers suddenly and the ability to change lives and the world around you?  What you would do?  These are the many questions asked by passengers of Flight BA142 from London to Delhi as each passenger mysteriously gains a superhuman ability.


“We want to form a real-world Justice League – of India,” Aman says.


A group of individuals from the flight intersect for a force of change when they realize they have amazing powers.  Aman Sen finds himself with incredible communications skills and his brain is always connected to the internet.  Indian Air Force pilot Vir Singh has the power of flight.  British-Pakistani Uzma Abidi looking to be a Bollywood actress in Mumbai has the power of charisma, making people like her.  A Bengali woman Tia can make multiple versions of herself.  Sundar “The Scientist” Narayan is now an insane genius builder, whatever he dreams, he builds.  And Balaji “Young Bob” Batodekar controls the weather.

On a secret mission on the borders of Pakistan and India – Vir is sent to destroy a nuclear facility when he suddenly gets a mysterious phone call telling him he should question this decision he’s about to make.  While Uzma newly arrived to Mumbai is hoping to be a great Bollywood star finds herself with amazing luck meeting the “insiders” of Bollywood and agents in a matter of weeks, but is dumbfounded when she meets the ringleader Aman telling her she got superhuman powers.  He tells her that everybody on their flight has mysteriously disappeared, hunted or killed by someone or somebody.  Their adventure begins as the “heroes” decide to find who is behind of all this.  They will face real world consequences in the actions and decisions they make.

In comic books being a superhero looks so easy, but in Turbulence our “heroes” face not just life and death situations, but questions on how can they really change the world and also finding out that even doing good deeds has its consequences.  You find yourself rooting for these characters like Aman, Tia and Uzma and feel how monumental each decision they make and the geo-political ramifications surrounding them.  Writer Samit Basu has found a great balance of humor and seriousness in Turbulence, but most of all its just a fun superhero novel to read and questions to ponder yourself when done reading.


Paperback:  Turbulence

Author:  Samit Basu

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $14.95USD

Available:  Now

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