Sayori Chu interviews Stan Lee!

RETRENDERS Sayori Chu Interviews Stan LeeWe caught up with Stan Lee at Silicon Valley Comic Con to talk to him about the “BIG” direction with comics, how did it begin, what were its influences, and where is it going now that it has become immensely and worldly popular!

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The Wes Anderson Version of the X-Men

uncannyxmenfanfilmQuestion, what if Wes Anderson, and not Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand) got their hands on directing Marvel’s X-Men?  Well, the answer is here.

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X-Men: Evolution Steven E. Gordon @ Big Wow! ComicFest 2014

stevenegordonwebsiteOne of the most popular Marvel cartoons was X-Men: Evolution which lasted 4 seasons (52 episodes) on Kids’ WB from 2000-2003.  Our Ramen host Eddie Ballar interviews well-known artist Steven E. Gordon who was the Character Designer of Evolution.  The show that gave birth to X-23, Steven talks about his role and what it was like working on X-Men: Evolution.

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Viral Video Friday: The Wolverine Musical

wolverinemusicalI blogged/tweeted/Facebooked or something like that when this video clip came out.  Actor Hugh Jackman appeared on BBC Radio 1’s The Matt Edmondson Show and performed a mixmash musical of Les Miserables “Who Am I” to Wolverine/X-men lyrics.  I’m watching this again and again.  It’s really funny and well done.

Sci-Fi Short Film: CONTROLLER

“Love is to be experienced, not controlled” – Ralph Ellison III

the controller 00A girl with Jean Grey (Phoenix) type powers is trapped and she uses her powers to control her boyfriend in helping her escape.

the controller 01

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AX 2013: Adventure Time & X-Men Cosplayers Collide

x-men cosplayersOur Ramen crew Ame and RJ interview more cosplayers from Anime Expo 2013.  They interview a couple of groups – The Adventure Time group: Fiona, Marceline, IceQueen and IceKing; and the X-Men:  Mystique, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Storm, Pixie, Bishop and Deadpool drops by with Starbucks coffee and Cyclops chit chats with fans.  Plus RJ sprinkles a few random interviews with anime swimmer Haruka and Darius from League of Legends.  Now that’s a jam pack Ramen episode!

Turbulence by Samit Basu

turbulenceWhat if you found yourself with amazing superhuman powers suddenly and the ability to change lives and the world around you?  What you would do?  These are the many questions asked by passengers of Flight BA142 from London to Delhi as each passenger mysteriously gains a superhuman ability.


“We want to form a real-world Justice League – of India,” Aman says.


A group of individuals from the flight intersect for a force of change when they realize they have amazing powers.  Aman Sen finds himself with incredible communications skills and his brain is always connected to the internet.  Indian Air Force pilot Vir Singh has the power of flight.  British-Pakistani Uzma Abidi looking to be a Bollywood actress in Mumbai has the power of charisma, making people like her.  A Bengali woman Tia can make multiple versions of herself.  Sundar “The Scientist” Narayan is now an insane genius builder, whatever he dreams, he builds.  And Balaji “Young Bob” Batodekar controls the weather.

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The Sexiest Wonder Woman and X-Men’s Storm tell us about Big Wow ComicFest!

Retrenders - Valerie Perez & Diana OliveraWe get to hear how it’s like to be a part of Big Wow ComicFest from one of their helpful staff members and then we get two personal views about Big Wow ComicFest from Valerie Perez, who’s the perfect looking cosplay Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen at comic events, and Diana Olivares, who won 2nd place at Big Wow’s costume contest as X-Men’s Storm. And this is the first time she dressed up to cosplay!

Images of characters in the video: Valerie Perez, Diana Olivares, Kelly Mark Delcambre (Kelly Bean), Anthony Misiano

Stop-Motion 1992 X-Men Cartoon Intro

Check out this cool stop-motion video by Kyle Roberts using what I think are old school Toy Biz X-men action figures for this 1992 X-Men cartoon intro.

Video Interview with comic book artist Jim Lee

The LA Times interviews superstar comic book artist Jim Lee.  Jim talks about how he got into comics with Marvel, his role at DC Comics and much more.

Hit the link to play video:  LA Times Interviews Jim Lee.

Reebok X Marvel = Blast Sneakers

Image via TGWO

Chamber may not be the most well-known character in the X-Men universe, but this Marvel Comics and Reebok limited edition sneaker collab looks awesome.  Available in Europe, these Reebok Blasts will retail around $146.00USD.

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Wolverine Dunnies by J. Arturo Ramírez Romero

Image via Toysrevil

These are some pretty cool custom figures of Wolverine done by J. Arturo Ramirez Romero. You can’t buy them just yet, you need to email him and if there are enough interest, he might put it into production. I would love to see him do the whole X-Men group or the entire Avengers team since they’re really hot items right now.  Or maybe even Bruce Lee! Because, you know, he was DA MAN.

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X-Men GQ

X-Men super stylin’ and freestylin’. Art by Kevin Wada.

What do you get when you put Marvel’s X-Men superheroes and villains in real world fashion outfits?  X-men GQ.  Artist Kevin Wada has drawn a set of X-Men characters not in their regular spandex outfits but, instead, wearing stylish streetwear.

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Uniqlo & Marvel Comics Collab

Sexy Marvel tees – because it’s Uniqlo!

A friend of mine was recently in Hong Kong for vacation and stopped over @ the Uniqlo store and got me this fresh collab tee by Uniqlo and Marvel Comics.  The tee is of course %100 cotton and reprints classic comic covers from Marvel comics.  Remember when comics were .40 cents!  In my day it was .75 cents and I’m really dating myself here.  But if you are in Asia – make sure you stop by the Uniqlo stores for these cool collab tees.

Check it out:  Uniqlo Jpn or Uniqlo USA

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