Kidrobot x Street Fighter Series 2 Release Party

KRSF2003I still remember that feeling of saving up all my quarters for the week and rushing to my local 7-Eleven store where they would have video game arcades like Space Harrier, Daytona USA, Thunder Blade, Operation Wolf, Afterburner and of course Capcom’s Street Fighter! Those were the days, but let’s move on … Kidrobot’s first Street Fighter 3″ vinyl figures were super popular and now it’s back with a Series II.

Our Ramen crew went to Kidrobot SF to check out the Release Party event, not only buy blind boxes, but also swap, sell, play Street Fighter and just to geek out with everybody else.

For more info, go to:  Kidrobot.


  1. Charles DImacali says:

    haha thats me Charles find me on IG Chuckdmcluvin whoot thanks guys for a great vid

    • thanks man. Sorry about not CGing your Instagram – I just couldn’t get the name right and couldn’t find on Instagram. Glad you enjoyed the video!!! Kidrobot SF rocks!

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