Kidrobot DamGun ‘Bots


The Ramen crew visited Kidrobot SF for the release of the DamGun ‘Bots.   If you’re a Gundam fan or just an anime mech-head, then you might like these ‘Bots.  Kidrobot pays homage to these plastic snap-on model kits with their own  DamGun ‘Bots.

These blind boxes feature two kinds of ‘Bots figures, either you get the Pink ‘Bot with Black Armor or the Blue ‘Bot with White Armor.  You will probably need an Xacto knife, a pair of scissors, and flexible fingers to put on the stickers.  The plastic armor kit can also be used on the Kidrobot ‘Bots series of figures, so go pose and customize away like Ramen’s Eddie did.

damgun kidrobotMSRP:  $14.99USD

Buy it @ Kidrobot – DamGun ‘Bots.

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