LEDLite LEGO Keychains

LEGO KeychainsWith the LEGO movie hitting the multiplexes February 7th, 2014, there’s bound to be a bunch of license products, like these LEDLite LEGO Movie Keychains.  From HK company IQ, the LEDLite line-up announced so far will be Emmet, Uni-Kitty, Lord Business and Bad Cop.

LED LEGO 00The keychain figures are shaped like the LEGO mini-figs and have the same articulation.  The LEDs light-up from the feet area and take 2 CR2025 batteries.  Hey, that’s the same batteries I use for my Honda CR-V door remote.  Hopefully more characters from the movie will show up in this LEDLite series.

A look at IQ’s LEDLite LEGO keychains:

MSRP:  $12-16USD est., each.

For more info, go to:  IQ LEDLite – LEGO Movie.


The trailer:

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