Mega Man x Kidrobot

megamanxkrCapcom is back again with another collab with Kidrobot.  This time, the video game franchise Mega Man gets “Kidrobot-ified.” with a 3″ Dunny line and keychain line-up.

kidrobotmegablindboxThe Mega Man 3″ vinyl series features 13 figures to collect and 1 chase figure.  A case will have around 20 blind boxes and probably cost around $230USD and each blind box is priced at $11.99USD.

Buy it @ Kidrobot – Mega Man 3″.

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LEDLite LEGO Keychains

LEGO KeychainsWith the LEGO movie hitting the multiplexes February 7th, 2014, there’s bound to be a bunch of license products, like these LEDLite LEGO Movie Keychains.  From HK company IQ, the LEDLite line-up announced so far will be Emmet, Uni-Kitty, Lord Business and Bad Cop.

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Use LEGO to store your Keys!


With tons of Lego stored up in containers and since I spend a lot of time looking for my keys, why didn’t I put two and two together and think of something like this? Well German architect Felix Grauer, who dabbles in photography and design in his free time, built something that even my son could build and, better yet, can be very functional for any home. One can hang up their house keys or even snap them together to make a nifty keychain of sorts.

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