The Art of Thief

thiefEnter into the world of Thief, were you take on the character of Master Thief Garrett.  This cult classic looks to get bigger and better with Eidos Montreal’s latest release: Thief (February 2014 – Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4).  Titan Books and video game journalist Paul Davies takes a behind-the-scenes look at the game with The Art of Thief.

Thief 00

Thief 02With over 190 pages of drawings, designs, concepts, and storyboards – the book is divided into 4 main chapters.  The first chapter is on the main character of the video game.  In this chapter it not only takes a look at his weapons and costume designs, but also how the game designers wanted Garret to move and fight using stealth.  The second chapter dives into the many characters in the Thief universe.  A quick capsule summary of each of the characters provides helpful information.  The third chapter takes an in-depth look at the puzzles players will encounter during the game and the many props and special money items.  And the last chapter takes to the city itself – Auldale.  Art and Game Director – Nicolas Cantin offers his insights about creating the various districts and architectural building designs within Auldale.

Thief 03The Eidos Montreal team spent endless hours creating the world of Thief.  Fans of game will enjoy reading the various insights and behind-the-scenes work in putting the Thief game into the hands of gamers.


Hardbound Title:  The Art of Thief

Author:  Paul Davies

Publisher:  Titan Books

Available:  Now

MSRP:  $34.95USD

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