KIds Logic KidsNations Optimus Prime

KL KNThe Kids Logic Optimus Prime figure is a hot seller and especially in Hong Kong.  The diecast big-head action figure is selling upwards north of $90.00USD and when you buy the action figure, you also get a smaller version – the KidsNations Optimus Prime.

KN Prime 01This KidsNations Optimus Prime stands 3″ tall with a clear transparent body.  The figure has light-up LED head with an on/off button on the back of the head.  There is some articulation like the arms can move up/down and the head and legs just rotate.  Both hands are removable and it comes with a gun attached hand that you can put on left or right arms.  If you’re an Optimus Prime fan, this figure is a cool add to your collection.

KN Prime 00



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