Monster Massacre Vol. 2 “East Meets West”

mm04Monster Massacre is back with more deadly femme fatales and sexy gun grinding action.  Monster Massacre Volume 2 showcases the top two art studios in Asia.  The top creative talents in Asia at Imaginary Friends Studios based in Singapore and Stellar Labs based in Jakarta team-up for this monster anthology.  Many of these writers, artists, colorists, letterers and designers have work with the likes of DC and Marvel comics.


mm02If you ever pick-up a Heavy Metal comic book, you will know what you are getting. Monster Massacre Volume 2 attention is on big guns and lots of T&A, well this is for Mature Readers. The anthology jams together 14 short stories and pin-up galleries from the top talents at Imaginary Friends Studios and Stellar Labs.  Monster Massacre creator Dave Elliot opens up the book with an introduction of how this project came to fruition with the two studios. The back of the book includes bios and information on the crew that worked on this project like Rhoald Marcellius, Derrick Chew, Brandon Ching and Stanley Lau.

mm01If you like anime, manga and the blending of East meets West-comic book medium, then make sure you take notice of this anthology collection.  I wished the shorts were much longer to flesh out the characters.


Hardbound Title:  Monster Massacre Vol. 2

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  $22.99USD

Available:  Now

Age:  Mature


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