A1 Presents Carpe DIEm


We caught a glimpse of this cool looking comic strip Carpe DIEm earlier this year with the Titan Comics/Atomeka anthology collection Monster Massacre Vol. 2.  Now this collected edition offers 104 pages of action/adventure and off-beat humor.  Carpe DIEm is a team of super agents named after each day of the week hoping to save the world from crazy evil villains.

Carpe DIEm is formed by the mysterious Sir 8th Day who is a little eccentric and clumsy and usually decisions are made by his butler Jude.  Jude is like Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, Jude was created in a test tube and now is an intelligent talking Koala bear.  Sir Sunday is an ex-Triad gangsta and is the old and wise field general for the team.  Like all super-agent teams, you gotta have a sniper, and that is teenager Lady Saturday.  What team doesn’t have a ninja?  Like G.I. Joe, Carpe DIEm has Sir Friday the ninja assassin who rarely speaks.  And these guys even have a Doctor Strange like character, that is Sir Thursday, the Shaman sorcerer who combines Eastern and Western magic.  Like all super teams, you gotta have a big fat guy, Sir Wednesday, he’s the muscle.  And why not, let’s throw-in that loud obnoxious like American, Sir Tuesday.

carpediem00In this collected Vol. 1: I Hate Mondays – the team will face crazy evil clowns, a evil-Mayor that thinks he’s in a Street Fighter game, a killer plush toy cat, pirates, and evil cooks.  And through-out the book like Kenny, the running gag is the bad guys always kills secret agent Monday.  No matter who replaces him, Sir Monday always gets murdered by the baddies.

carpediem01If you’re trying to put some common sense into Carpe DIEm, don’t!  It’s like watching animes FLCL (Fooly Cooly) or Kill la Kill. Nothing makes sense, but you keep watching and watching, and it’s like that with Carpe DIEm.  I think writer W.H. Rauf watches lots of crazy Japanese animes.  I also like the anime-style artwork by Rhoald Marcellius.  This is just a fun read and visually entertaining comic book.


Trade Paperback:  A1 Presents Carpe DIEm

Author:  W.H. Rauf

Artist: Rhoald Marcellius

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  $14.99USD

Available:  Now

Suggested ages 15+

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