Marvel Puzzle Quest Review

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I was never a big fan of mobile games so naturally I’ve never heard of Marvel Puzzle Quest. Even though this game had been out since October 2013, it wasn’t until a week ago when I was persuaded to try the game for the first time. Here’s a fun fact about myself: I’m not a fan of Marvel Comics – I’m more of a a DC man myself.  At first I didn’t want anything to do with this game; my friends then compared it to Bejeweled which didn’t help their case either, but in the end, I gave in and ended up downloading it on my phone. And lo and behold, in just a matter of minutes, I got hooked on the game. I guess the features of leveling up your characters and having hit points for each really got to the RPG fan in me. Since each of your characters have HP, and it takes seconds to restore just one hit point, this is not a game that you are going to be stuck on for hours and hours. If your character(s) get beat down at the end of the match, it may take them hours to regenerate back to full health, causing you to take a break from playing if you have no health kits to cure them – so at least you’re not going to be spending your whole day playing this game non-stop.

Playing PvE is pretty fun, though I don’t pay much attention to the story, but PvP is where the game shines. Although I say PvP but you’re not really playing against another player. Instead, you are playing against his/her team but all moves are controlled by the computer. Competing in events against these “computer-controlled ghost teams” are a good way to win better characters – which can be had by placing in the top of a competitive ranking system. For instance, if you reach a certain ranking.  you may win yourself what’s called “Recruit Tokens,” which allow you to randomly get a Marvel cover which in turn helps you level up your character. Say if you receive a cover, you can recruit that character, but if you already have that cover, then you’ll use them to train your characters powers. These covers are from actual comic books so you might also get to say “Hey, I have this book also,” if you just so happen to be a collector of Marvel comic books.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Venom

Overall, this is a fun game – something to pass the time with. However, being able to purchase more character slots and leveling up your characters to their max level will take a lot of time. The currency in the game is called Hero Points and they are hard to come by just by playing the game normally. Since this is a “free” game, be careful though, you might just end up buying in-game currency from the shop just so you can dominate the PvP ladder quicker. I give this game an 8 out of 10; it’s a really fun game – just stay away from the cash shop.

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