Crayon Carved Mini-Scupltures by Hoang Tran

caryola coverRemember all those Crayola crayons you had as a kid, where you would not just color drawing books with, but also mark-up the walls and rooms in your parent’s house?  Well there is another use for them now, discovered by local Bay Area artist Hoang Tran.  The San Jose native was going to dental school, but figured out he can carved mini-sculptures using wax crayons instead.

caryon was awesomeThese Wax Nostalgic mini-sculptured creations have some crazy detail and just a plan fun gift for any pop-culture geek.  The crayon figures start at around $30.00USD and up at his ETSY – Wax Nostalgic store.

crayola 00This month of May 2014, Hoang Tran’s work Wax Nostalgic is featured in a gallery exhibition at the Rivet – Designer Toy & Art Gallery in Columbus, OH.  For more information and details of the exhibition, go to:  Rivet.

more hoang tran 00For more of his amazing wax creations, go to:  HQTRAN – TUMBLR.

htcrayonBuy Hoang Tran’s crayon wax creations @ ETSY – Wax Nostalgic by CarvedCrayons.



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