Dark Horse Comics Coloring Books

dhavatarbooksI’m hooked on coloring.  Recently when I was at Michaels arts and craft store, I bought some TMNT coloring books and crayons.  Dark Horse Comics just announced two adult coloring book releases:  Avatar – The Last Airbender and Serenity.  The coloring books will feature 45-pages of original artwork on thick paperstock.  The 10″x10″ coloring books will cost $14.99USD each.

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Buzzing: Adult Coloring Books

adultcoloringbooksAmazon’s best selling books are coloring books not for kids, but for adults.  The new craze and stress reliever for adults is coloring books for older people.  So grab your colored pencils, markers and crayons.

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Crayon Carved Mini-Scupltures by Hoang Tran

caryola coverRemember all those Crayola crayons you had as a kid, where you would not just color drawing books with, but also mark-up the walls and rooms in your parent’s house?  Well there is another use for them now, discovered by local Bay Area artist Hoang Tran.  The San Jose native was going to dental school, but figured out he can carved mini-sculptures using wax crayons instead.

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Coloring Book Not for Kids

gangsta rap coloring book 00This coloring book – Gangsta Rap Coloring Book is definitely not for the kids, but for fans of gangsta rap.  The art book features 45 rap artist from KRS One, Tupac and Biggie.  Now I get dust off my box of Crayola crayons from the attic and start coloring.

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