The Search for General Tso

searchgeneralchickenAnother documentary that is on my watch list and is now hitting the film festival circuit is “The Search for General Tso” by filmmaker Ian Cheney.  If you been to any Chinese restaurant in America you will find some-type of “General Tso” chicken dish.  This dish is unheard in native China, a typical Chinese-American dish like Egg Rolls and Beef & Broccoli.  This documentary tries to find the origins and effects of “General Tso” chicken.

Here is an interview with director Ian Cheney from the Tribeca Film Festival:

Ian Cheney collaborated with author Jennifer 8 Lee who wrote “The Fortune Cookies Chronicles – Adventures in the World of Chinese Food.”  Fans of Chinese food and just food in general, should definitely check it out.  It’s a great read not only on the Chinese American restaurant experience.


Director:  Ian Cheney.

For more info the film and where to see it, go to:  The Search for General Tso.


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