Timberland Shoes in Chinese Takeout Boxes

chinesetakeouttimberlandLifestyle retailer Jimmy Jazz and Timberland collab on a limited 6-inch “Sesame Chicken” shoe release.  It’s that iconic Timberland brown field boot with the logos.  What’s diggty cool about this “Sesame Chicken” item is the Chinese food take-out packaging with the Jimmy Jazz labeled chopsticks and a fortune cookie included.  The boots drop this Saturday, November 19, 2016 and the special packaging will only be available at the Jimmy Jazz Harlem store in NY.

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Custom LEGO Chinese Restaurant/Ghostbusters HQ

customchineseghostbusters00One of the most iconic film buildings is the original Ghostbuster’s Firehouse HQ.  With the new girl-power Ghostbusters flick is coming, LEGO fan-builder Eric Duron aka Baronsat builds a new custom Ghostbusters HQ with the Chinese Restaurant.

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The Search for General Tso

searchgeneralchickenAnother documentary that is on my watch list and is now hitting the film festival circuit is “The Search for General Tso” by filmmaker Ian Cheney.  If you been to any Chinese restaurant in America you will find some-type of “General Tso” chicken dish.  This dish is unheard in native China, a typical Chinese-American dish like Egg Rolls and Beef & Broccoli.  This documentary tries to find the origins and effects of “General Tso” chicken.

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