Watch Dogs Review

Watch Dogs

I picked up this game a few days ago and I was a bit excited to see how this game was going to be. Played the game for a whole day and came to the conclusion that this game is exactly like another popular game – Infamous. Now I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing. I love the three Infamous games and they’re a ton of fun to play, I just didn’t expect Watch Dogs to play like them.

The two main differences between the games are 1) you traded in your superpower abilities for some awesome hacking abilities and 2) that you can drive a car in this game which is, oh boy, let’s just say the driving feels awkward. For instance, the first time I hit the gas I crashed into a wall. I thought I’d get better as time went on, but even as I got near the end of the game, I still can’t drive from point A to point B without crashing into a minimum of five things. You will be driving to a lot of places since there are a total of 39 missions in the game split into five Acts. Frankly, this is probably one of the longest games I have played so far this year, which is a good thing since most games you play nowadays can be beaten in a little over ten hours.

Watch Dogs characters

There were only two real complaints for this game. The first was that you couldn’t shoot while driving, but everyone else in the game could. This made things difficult since you had to slowly get out of your car to be able to shoot back at the baddies, and by the time you get out of the car, you’re either dead or close to being dead.  The second problem were the Online Contracts. I’m sure there are a bunch of people having fun with that, hacking away at other player’s games, but it just got in the way when I was doing my own objectives. For example, while looking to hack a ctOS tower, I was told in-game that I was being hacked and had to find the player 300 meters away. I told the game “No, thank you…” and kept doing what I was doing, but now I had to do it with a download bar on the top of my screen telling me how long until the other player hacks me – this turned out to be a very annoying part of the game.

As for the story it isn’t that bad actually even if it did seem like there were too many side stories you had to go through to get to the end of the game. Even though most of the missions were the “get here and hack this” variety, there were some missions that just got on my nerves. For instance, there were four missions where you had to lead the A.I. to safety – sort of like a “point and click” game. In the end, it was really fun. So should you play it? I’d say yes since it’s a fun game and it’ll take more than a couple of days to beat the campaign; add in all the side quests and it’ll take you more than a week to complete more than likely. I give this game a 7.5/10 – it’s fun… but I don’t think I’ll be replaying it on hard mode.

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