Borderline by Lawrence Block


The sizzling pulp novel “Borderline” by prolific American crime author Lawrence Block sees the printed pages once again after 50 years of being out of print.  Four lives intersect on the border towns of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico.

Marty is a smart professional gambler always looking for a good card game in Juarez.  After a couple of years spent in a failed marriage, Meg is looking for some fun and action.  The beautiful blonde Lily is looking to make money and get out of the border towns.  The insane killer running from the law, Weaver is looking for his next bloody victim.  These 4 characters ultimately cross each others’ lives in “Borderline.”  The book also includes 3 Lawrence Block short stories:  1) The Burning Fury (1959); 2) A Fire At Night (1958); and 3) Stag Party Girl (1963).

Lawrence Block is known for his raw and gritty crime stories and “Borderline” is one of them.  You are taken into the lives of Marty, Meg, Lily and Weaver by Block’s detailed descriptive prose.  It’s a brutal story of sexual passion and bloody punishment.  A nice shot of Silver Patron tequila or Beefeater gin on the rocks pairs well with this pulp-crime novel “Borderline.”


Paperback Title:  Borderline

Author:  Lawrence Block

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $9.95USD

Available:  Now

For Mature Readers


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