Viral Video Friday: Seis Manos

seismanosThis animated trailer looks intriguing.  This takes place on the border town of San Simon, Mexico late 1970s.  A Chinese immigrant Chiu Lee Man takes in 3 orphan kids who he mentors and trains in way of martial arts.  When he is murdered, the 3 kids: Silencio, Isabela, and Jesus team up with a DEA Agent and Federale officer to seek revenge against the cartel.

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Y&R x Valfré Capsule Collection

llsecollectionStreet brand Young & Restless partners-up with artist/designer Ilse Valfré for this limited edition capsule collection.  If you’re a Wreckless girl looking for a splash of color and fun outfits, then check out this Y&R collection sold only on-line.

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Viral Video Friday: Getaway Day – Trip to Mexico

mexicopictureWith all the hustle and bustle that is all things San Diego Comic-Con, I can’t wait for my comp days!  And this video reminds me the need to getaway.

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Borderline by Lawrence Block


The sizzling pulp novel “Borderline” by prolific American crime author Lawrence Block sees the printed pages once again after 50 years of being out of print.  Four lives intersect on the border towns of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico.

Marty is a smart professional gambler always looking for a good card game in Juarez.  After a couple of years spent in a failed marriage, Meg is looking for some fun and action.  The beautiful blonde Lily is looking to make money and get out of the border towns.  The insane killer running from the law, Weaver is looking for his next bloody victim.  These 4 characters ultimately cross each others’ lives in “Borderline.”  The book also includes 3 Lawrence Block short stories:  1) The Burning Fury (1959); 2) A Fire At Night (1958); and 3) Stag Party Girl (1963).

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“The Paintings of Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo in Movement”

Dances of Mexico with the collaborative artistry of Ballet!

Some purist say traditional folkloric dances shouldn’t be changed because it changes the theme of originality. That’s fine, but as time moves on, dances take on new meaning in context to moments in one’s life and this is exactly what Ensambles Ballet Folklorico de San Francisco has done for their piece, “Las Pinturas de Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo en Movimiento”, that will be showcasing this Saturday! – July 27, 2013 2PM & 8PM at the Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater in San Jose, CA.

For tickets click here

I attended last year’s performance and I’m thankful that I did! I was amazed by the elaborate and vibrant colors of costumes, traditional dances and the interjected dramatic collaboration of ballet pieces into the show to tell you the story of Diego y Frida through dance.

ensambles postcard

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Tequila Shot Guns!


Raise your tequila guns in the air and open your mouth!  Instead of the usual tequila bottle packaging, they made a bottle look like a gun filled with tequila.  There are two versions, one is Glock 9mm & a classic Revolver and it also comes with 2 shot glasses.  And we will definitely buy these for our Retrenders video editor and tequila-loving friend – Mr. Johnny Moreno!

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Future Flicks: Zorro Reborn

Gael García Bernal is attached to the new film Zorro Reborn as Zorro!

Since the independent hit film, Y Tu Mama Tambien, he has taken on some of the most fascinating character roles in films like: Walter Salles’s Motorcycle Diaries, Pedro Almodóvar’s Bad Education, and Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Babel. He is considered as one of today’s most well known and talented actors from Mexico… and without a doubt, he can play Zorro!

The history of Zorro on the silver screen dates back to 1920 with the original The Mark of Zorro, played by Douglas Fairbanks. Since then there has been a number of Zorro adventures and remakes, and even a television series done by Disney with Guy Williams as the masked man from 1957 to 1959. And this is just in American films! Zorro has also been featured in Mexican and European films since the 1920s.

Though I have marked Gael García Bernal as part of the cast of Zorro Reborn, things may change due to the nature of Hollywood’s business handling in production timing, finances, the movie’s popularity sway for another masked hero in theaters, or even a change in the actor’s availability for the project.

The Zorro Reborn script is ready and production should begin in 2013 once 20th Century Fox picks up a director to set things in motion.

Drink: A Taste of Tequila

Now I don’t claim to be a professional tequila drinker, but when it came to sipping tequila out of a snifter at my friend Pedro’s house warming party, I was a bit taken by the smoothness, the sensual sting and the light taste of oak from a brand, that I wasn’t too familiar with, called Galindo Reposado. Not too many people’s taste buds can detect this, but if you can, you’ve just tasted something organically created for drinking, not shooting my friend.

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Mexican Inspired Beachwear Hitting the Runway

emamobeachwearWith vibrant colors against fabrics of earthy tones, the fashion designer Emanuela Corvo has brought the art of Frida Kahlo’s everyday clothing into this year’s spring fashion. Frida Kahlo, an iconic painter from Mexico in the 20th century, was inspired by the colors and textiles of indigenous Mexican culture with the fusion of European influences for her clothing.  Her choice of what she wore and how she wore her dresses reflected the specific folk culture of Mexico in its time, and not to mention, her choice of personal style.

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