Chicago Mobsters meet Lord of the Rings: Hot Lead, Cold Iron

hotleadcoldironThe “Underworld” of trench coats and Tommy guns meets the “Otherworld” of magic and the supernatural.  This is 1930s Chicago, where the mobsters run the town and Mick Oberon ain’t no ordinary dick, this P.I. got special powers.  Instead of a revolver to pump hot lead, he uses a magic wand, really, I’m not joking.  His wand of choice is the Luchtaine & Goodfellow Model 1592.  Worlds collide in Hot Lead, Cold Iron by author Ari Marmell.

In the “Otherworld”, private investigator Mick Oberon was royalty, a prince, a conqueror, from the aristocrat line of the Seelie Court.  Mick has lived for ages and seen this “Earth” world change over thousands of years.  Mick in need of some extra cash is forced to take the next case.  The wife of the biggest mobster in town, Bianca Ottati has hired Mick to find their missing daughter.  He finds out that she’s been replace by a changeling.  This will lead Oberon back into his “Otherworld,” where he finds himself fighting through Fae politics and the “Underworld” gangland power plays.

A mix of noir and fantasy elements is a stroke of fun and excitement from author Ari Marmell.  As you read this novel, from the descriptive prose, you feel like the author has put the reader in 1930s Chicago.  Like when I was reading the dialogue, I felt I was speaking with that thick Chicago-accent.  A big thumbs up, is the pacing throughout plays like a movie on the big screen.  And if you are unfamiliar with the Chicago mobsters referenced, there is back page reference guide to Chicago mobsters and a pronunciation key of Fae words.  A pricey neat glass of Macallan 25 whiskey or Glenlivet 18 scotch would go down well with Ari Marmell’s Hot Lead, Cold Iron!


Paperback:  Hot Lead, Cold Iron

Author:  Ari Marmell

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $14.95USD

Available:  Now


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