Comic Preview: Killbox: Chicago # 3

Creator Tom Riordan and brand new artist Marco Ferrari have taken us deep inside the rabbit hole for KILLBOX: CHICAGO, but we have even further to go — literally and figuratively, as Interpol agent Mako Mori reveals her loyalty and heads into the Chicago sewer to expose the Killbox program!

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Chicago Mobsters meet Lord of the Rings: Hot Lead, Cold Iron

hotleadcoldironThe “Underworld” of trench coats and Tommy guns meets the “Otherworld” of magic and the supernatural.  This is 1930s Chicago, where the mobsters run the town and Mick Oberon ain’t no ordinary dick, this P.I. got special powers.  Instead of a revolver to pump hot lead, he uses a magic wand, really, I’m not joking.  His wand of choice is the Luchtaine & Goodfellow Model 1592.  Worlds collide in Hot Lead, Cold Iron by author Ari Marmell.

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The Art of Watch Dogs

watchdogsThe video game media went bonkers when Ubisoft unveiled Watch Dogs at E3 2012.  The much anticipated and delayed game is now finally out and does it live up to the hype?  I don’t know yet, but will get on my hands on a copy for my Xbox 360 soon.  Just a quick note, you can also look for our review of Watch Dogs by our Retrenders video game guru Ramon Angel soon.  But for now, I’m reviewing the release of The Art of Watch Dogs published by Titan Books.

watchdogs 00In Watch Dogs, the GTA-type game, you play hacker anti-hero Aiden Pearce.  Now on the path of revenge he uses Chicago’s Central Operating System (ctOS) to hack into security cameras, lock doors, control traffic lights, locate targets of interest and grab information on his enemies.  The city of Chicago is now your playground.

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Brickworld Chicago 2013 – Complete Tour

brickworld 2013 00brickworld 2013 01

A LEGO spectacular show – Brickworld Chicago 2013. hosts Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay takes on a cool complete tour of the event.

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Geek Coolness: Etch-A-Sketch Art by Jane Labowitch

This young artist Jane Labowitch is a super duper Etch-A-Sketch pro.  You really have to check her Facebook and Flickr page for more amazing Etch-A-Sketch art and her latest updates.

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Play Monopoly on the Streets of Chicago

How cool would it be to play the classic board game “Monopoly” on the streets of Chi-town?  Way cool.

Image via Colossal

The street artist(s) behind this “Monopoly” art project chose to remain hidden, but they are simply known as the artist(s) – Bored.  For more pictures of this “Monopoly” street art and article, go to:  Colossal, Art & Design – Monopoly Street Art.

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Public Hotel: The Pump Room

The Pump Room, Public Hotel in Chicago.

Next time you visit Chicago, check out the Pump room inside Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel. The restaurant is reasonably priced and it’s almost like dining under a planetarium.

For more info on the restaurant, go to:  Public Hotels – Chicago.

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