Travel Gear with Pilot & Captain

P&C_MainLogoIf you find yourself traveling the country this summer by bus, car, plane or train and in need of getting gifts for family and friends, or just yourself, then make sure you check out this Philly outfit Pilot & Captain.  From the award-winning design house The Heads of State, the founders Dustin Summers and Jason Kernevich stamp their own design touch to Pilot & Captain.  Just dropping into Pilot & Captain are new molded souvenir magnets, postcards, mugs and notebooks.

Magnet Group_2533

Pilot & Captain Magnet – MSRP: $4.99USD each

Postcards_7819 FINAL Credit Jason Varney

Pilot & Captain Postcard Pack – MSRP: $15.00USD

Airport Code Travel Books_7777 FINAL Credit Jason Varney

City|Notebook Pack (set of 3 notebooks, 32 pages each) – MSRP: $9.95USD

Call me “old-school” or what not, but when I backpacked across Europe, I would just love to draw, scribble and just write about thoughts and reflections I had in my journal sitting at the local coffee shop.  So I would totally pick-up these retro-inspired notebooks for my next vacation escape.

Flight Pattern Travel Books_7779 FINAL Credit Jason Varney

Pattern|Notebook (set of 3 notebooks, 32 pages each) – MSRP: $9.95USD

Keep up-to-date with new products and other apparel items on their Facebook page @ Pilot & Captain.

Check out:  Pilot & Captain.

The Heads of State



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