Sex, Drugs and Superpowers is Death Sentence

deathsentenceThe G+ Virus gives humans superpowers!  Writer Monty Nero and artist Mike Dowling deliver an off-beat mature-audience superhero book in “Death Sentence.”  In this world, the G+ Virus is like the AIDS virus that has spread across the globe affecting the general population.  The G+ Virus is transmitted through unprotected sex, but the virus gives humans superhuman powers.  There is a catch though, once you get it, you will ONLY have 6 months to live.  Now what will you do with 6 months on the planet?  What kind of superhuman power(s) will you get?  And what will you do with your superpowers?

deathsentence 00“Death Sentence” revolves around 3 characters infected with the virus, Monty the Oprah-like news maker, Weasel – the punk-rock musician and Verity – the frustrated artist.  Monty uses his powers of persuasion and influence and causes mass terror and destruction in London.  He becomes so powerful that he needs to be stopped.  Verity and Weasel are called by government forces to stop the Monty from destroying the world.

deathsentence 01Like I said before, this comic book is not for kids, it’s a story for big kids.  “Death Sentence” is not for the faint of heart with its graphic sex and violence, but writer Nero and artist Dowling balance everything with a touch of humor, edgy darkness, realism and solid characters.  If you’re tired of reading PG Marvel and DC superhero comics and looking for an “adult” comic book, check out Death Sentence by Titan Comics.


Hardback Graphic Novel:  Death Sentence

Author:  Monty Nero

Artist:  Mike Dowling

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  22.99USD

Available:  Now

Suggested for Mature Readers


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