The Tokyo Diorama Set

algernonproduct00If you weren’t satisfied with this year’s lame Bandai America’s Godzilla Destruction City playset, why not try ALGERNON Product Geocraper – Tokyo Scenery Vol. 1 series?  Yupe, this toy line is called GEO-CRAPER, something got lost in translation here, but I digress.  This is a great way to build a mini-toy diorama playset and putting your toy kaijus on display.


This Vol. 1 series features 8 different types: 1) Skyscraper (A), 2) Mid-rise Building (A), 3) Highway + Mid-rise Building, 4) Curve Highway + Mid-rise Building, 5) Skyscraper (B), 6) Mid-rise Building (B), 7) Mid-rise Building (C) and 8) Tokyo Tower.  The mini-sets measure 60x140x60mm without base, and the base is approximately 60x7x60mm.

MSRP:  $48.00USD (est) 8 packs per box

For information and details, go to:  GEOCRAPER.


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