Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art 2

crazy4cult2coverOne of the best pop-culture art galleries here in the States is Gallery 1988 located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, CA.  Since 2007, Gallery 1988 has showcased their own annual “Crazy 4 Cult” series celebrating the magic of movies.  With each year passing, the “Crazy 4 Cult” art show draws large crowds and stars in Hollywood looking to snap-up movie-inspired art pieces.  Titan Books releases a new volume Crazy 4 Cult:  Cult Movie Art 2 which collects various art pieces from the series.

c4c 00

c4c 01Music may be the soundtrack of our lives, but movies also have that effect.  Movies can make us laugh, cry, say wow and if it’s a real bad movie, make us scream our heads off.  Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult takes Hollywood flicks and indie films to the printed and physical medium with paintings, drawings and sculptures.  The series also features some the top pop art and underground artists.  Gallery 1988 packs a huge Crazy 4 Art selection in this Volume 2.  Okay, I’m ready to dust-off my DVDs and play some Goonies, Top Gun, Aliens, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters!

c4c 03+++++++++++

Hardbound:  Crazy 4 Cult – Cult Movie Art 2

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $34.95USD

Available:  Now

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