The World of Mario from Jakks Pacific


mariocoverdeluxeIf you ever wanted to build your own little Mario video game playset diorama, then you can build it with this Micro line from Jakks Pacific.  Jakks Pacific has had the Nintendo license for many years and have been making cool World of Nintendo action figures, plush dolls and other toys.


The Mario Brothers Universe Micro Land Deluxe Pack features 5 connect-able pieces and 1 figure, while the Mario Brothers Universe Micro Land 3 Pack offers 3 connect-able pieces and 1 figure.  And to fill your Micro Land playsets there are Mario Brothers Universe Micro Figure 3 Packs.

microfiguresMSRP:  $14.99USD – Deluxe Pack; $9.99USD – 3 Pack; and $4.99USD – Figure 3 Pack.

For more details, go to:  Jakks Pacific – World of Nintendo.



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