Star Wars Imperial Handbook A Commander’s Guide

starwarsimperialhandbookcoverWell, if you haven’t heard or hiding in a rock or something, the new Star Wars teaser trailer was just released on the Internets.  So we at Retrenders are hyped, and hyped for this neat book by author Daniel Wallace, the Star Wars Imperial Handbook Deluxe Edition:  A Commander’s Guide.  This Deluxe Edition should be a Star Wars bookworm dreams.


The premise for this book is as the Empire expands, there would be a need to explain to Imperial tactics and procedures to rising commanders in the Empire.  And then this book was intercepted by the Rebels that added their own commentary for a neat backstory.  The book of course has cool artwork, but also a beautiful cover box and light-up sounds!

Publisher Becker & Mayer have done a solid job putting this book together for fans.  It’s a must have!

MSRP:  $99.99USD

For more information, go to:  Becker & Mayer – Imperial Handbook: A Commander’s Guide.

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