Illest SPAM Collection

ilovespamcollection00My doctor says I can’t drink beer anymore and eat SPAM!  What no more SPAM in my life!  No!  Yes, besides drinking good Swedish beer, I like eating SPAM, especially with a bowl of rice, 2 sunny-side eggs, drops of soy sauce and garlic salt, chopped green onions and of course slices of SPAM.  I’m hungry just thinking about this.  Since I’m just eating brown rice, steam veggies and boiled turkey, I rock can rock the Illest SPAM mini-capsule collection for SPAM support.

ilovespamcollection01The Illest SPAM capsule collection features: Illest SPAM Musubi Patch Tee ($30.00USD); Illest SPAM Strapback Hat ($30.00USD); Illest SPAM Musubi Patch ($5.00USD); Illest SPAM Bumper Sticker – Yellow ($5.00USD) and Illest SPAM Bumper Sticker – Navy ($5.00USD).

For more, go to:  Fatlace – Illest.

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