Baby Timber: The Unofficial Baby Groot

babygrootWith the success of Guardians of the Galaxy film, everybody in the world seems to be making their own Groot or Rocket vinyl.  Some are bad and some are good, like this one, Liz from Blazon Brikhaus known for her custom Dunnies, Munnies, resin figures and such, will be releasing the unofficial Baby Groot aka Baby Timber.

babygrootpic2First things first, it’s $90 smackers, available for pre-order at Blazon Brikhaus and Baby Timber will ship out January 5th, 2015 to customers.  Only a limited number will be available, so you might want to hit the pre-order button.  The custom resin art piece stands 7″ tall and are all individually painted.

MSRP:  $90.00USD

Check out:  Blazon Brikhaus – Baby Timber.

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