Turn Your Smartphone into a Robot Warrior

mechwarrioriphoneThere’s a plethora of smartphone cases from the cute to geeky.  Now comes the Mech Warrior steampunk-style smartphone case.  Sold at the Red5 gadget shop, this is the Metal Art MECH Warrior Phone Stand.

Each MECH Warrior Phone Stand is unique since it’s all hand-made by hand using recycled parts.  The unit will fit most phones that are 7.4cm width x 1.3cm depth, like iPhone 6, Galaxy S4, Lumia 1020, 930 and 920.  The MECH Warrior measures 9″x8″x7″.

MSRP:  $76.00USD (est.)

Buy it @ Red5 – Metal Art MECH Warrior.

(A shout-out to of our bloggers Steve Biko for mentioning this item to me.)

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