Comic Review: Doctor Who (12th Doctor) #4


Previously on Doctor Who, The Doctor and Clara get a distress call from an old friend, Tiger Mathara so they head to India 2315 but by the time they got to him it’s too late and they find him dead at the hands of a Thugee. While investigating Maratha’s death, they meet Maratha’s daughter Priyanka and find out that Scindia, an organization that worships the deity Kali, are behind everything. The last we see our beloved character, The Doctor gets sent back in time to India 1825 where he is saved by a renegade amazon named Rani Jhulka while Clara and Priyanka are trapped in 2315 surrounded by a horde of Thugee.

Issue 4 starts with the Doctor and Rani, a female bodyguard to the daughter of a spice merchant. She tells the story of how she fell in love with the daughter and how she loses her. You then find that her lover was also killed by the Thugee. After giving her back story to the Doctor, they are ambushed by the Thugee.

While running from the Thugee, Clara gets captured and tells Priyanka to escape into the Tardis and tells her to find The Doctor.  Priyanka then teleports to The Doctor in 1825 and rescues him and Rani from the swarm of Thugee they were defending themselves from. After discovering a hologram message by Tiger Maratha explaining that the Scindia are trying to find all 4 swords of Kali, The Doctor is then contacted by the Scindia leader, Sonam Scindia, who is holding Clara hostage in exchange for The Doctors cooperation in finding the 4th and final sword of Kali.

Will The Doctor help the Scindia and find the 4th sword of Kali?
Will the Scindia succeed in their plans to summon Kali?
Find out in this issue of Doctor Who!

If you are a Whovian this comic is definitely for you. The writing is no Russel T. Davis or Steven Moffat but Robbie Morrison gives us a great story to keep us busy till the new season of episodes are out. The art is not off-putting and the artists Dave Taylor and Mariano Laclaustra do a good job capturing the likenesses of our beloved characters as well as the 12th Doctor’s facial expressions which distinguish this Doctor from his predecessors.

I highly recommend this title to any Whovian or just anyone looking to read a good sci-fi comic!

If there are any comics you would like us to review, let us know in the comments section below!

MSRP:  $3.99USD

For more info, go to:  Titan Comics.

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